WATCH: The New Beer Ad Everyone is Talking About

A new Heineken commercial suggests that a cold beer might be the answer to the world's divide. 

The "Worlds Apart" ad stages a social experiment by pairing three sets of strangers who have conflicting views on feminism, climate change and transgender rights. Neither knows about those differences when placed in a warehouse with a set of instructions. 

The pair is then instructed to collaborate on the task of assembling a bar and a set of stools.

After, the pairs are then asked to watch a short video, where they learn for the first time each other’s political beliefs.

The participants are then given a choice.

"You may go, or you can stay and discuss your differences over a beer,” a voice over an intercom announces.

Heineken says the ad, which runs about four minutes and 30 seconds, is a real-life social experiment that features real people. Check out the entire piece, here: 

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