State Budget Agreed On After Heavy Senate, House Debate

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) - Florida's Republican-controlled Legislature has reached a deal on a new state budget as well as other high-priority legislation after spending days in closed-door negotiations.

Senate President Joe Negron and House Speaker Richard Corcoran announced the deal Thursday, although they still haven't made public many details. 

Negron said the nearly $83 billion budget will include an across-the-board pay raise for state employees. Negron added that budget committees will iron out additional details. 

At the same time, Gov. Rick Scott is already voicing his displeasure on parts of the deal that have been leaked out this week. Scott noted legislators didn't agree to his request for $200 million for repairs to the dike that surrounds Lake Okeechobee. 

Scott could veto the budget, which would trigger a need for a special session.

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