Trapper's Roadside Gator Rescue Ends With a Kiss

It wasn't love at first sight, but after almost 10 minutes of struggling, a Florida trapper kissed an injured alligator right on the snout! 

The 8-foot alligator was visibly injured and bleeding Sunday on the side of a road in Tamarac, Florida. 

Broward County Sheriff's officers (BSO) took to Facebook to post about the gator, joking that the NYPD doesn't deal with a situation like this every day. 

Authorities say the gator appeared to have been hit by a car. BSO called in a professional trapper to contain the large reptile while the officers monitored the surrounding roads. 

With the entire ordeal captured on cellphone video, the trapper was able to contain the gator and secure its mouth with duct tape after more than nine minutes.

The trapper celebrated the dissolved situation by smacking the alligator with a juicy smooch right on the snout!

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