NYU Professor Compares Trump to Adolf Hitler at Mental Health Conference

A professor at NYU allegedly compared President Donald Trump to Holocaust leader Adolf Hilter at a Yale Medical School conference Thursday.  

Reports say the conference was called to discuss the president’s mental stability and fitness for office. Dr. James F. Gilligan, a senior clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Medical School, spoke of Trump’s erratic behavior as evidence that his presidency poses a serious danger to the nation's citizens. 

“When you add all these elements,” he said, “this is a class of people of whom Hitler is a member.”

New York magazine reports that Dr. Brandy X. Lee called the meeting. According to the report, Lee contends that unprecedented concerns led the group to speak up about the mental-health status of the president.”

Dr. Judith Herman also spoke during the Thursday meeting. Herman authored a viral letter that was sent to President Obama after Trump’s election expressing concerns over his mental stability.

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