Marlins Man Donates Thousands to Injured Highway Trooper

Infamous "Marlins Man" and sports super-fan Laurence Leavy donated $12,000 Wednesday to a Florida Highway Patrol trooper who was struck by a car on the Dolphin Expressway in March.

Carlos Rosario, 37, is currently recovering and getting better every day.

According to a report by Local 10 News, Leavy had the chance to meet Rosario, and when he did, he said three things. "I told him, first, I know what he's thinking. I went through it," Leavy said. "Second, that there's hope for the future. Ok? Third, I said I checked his Gofundme page. I saw that he was $12,000 short, so I will donate today $12,000 to the Gofundme page to meet their goal of $75,000."

The trooper's family is grateful for Leavy's generosity.

Leavy promised Rosario that he would take his entire family to a Marlins game once the trooper is feeling up to it. He said he would even fly in their family members who live out of state.

Leavy said he is also going to ask the Marlins to allow Rosario to throw out the first pitch.

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