Canadian Beer Co. Wants To "Make Beer Great Again" With Fake News Ale

A craft brewery company in Canada has just launched "Fake News Ale," and we can't get enough of it! 

Northern Maverick Brewing Co. in Toronto really hopes to "Make Beer Great Again" with their newest (and first-ever launched) concoction, which draws inspiration from President Donald Trump. 

The beverage is described as “an easy-drinking beer that lends itself to long discussions [about] world events with friends,” according to the company’s press release. “With tongue firmly in cheek, the beer was found to pair well with small hands, striking comb overs, huge egos and all things Mexican.”

Northern Maverick Brewing Co.  says "We stand in solidarity with our American neighbours in their time of need for beer."

They’ll be donating 5 percent of the beer’s sales to a charity. Which organization they’ll be giving to is yet to be determined, and will “help reverse a questionable policy.”

At this point, the company has not indicated that it plans to ship to the U.S., but here’s to hoping!

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