Police Dismantle $100,000 Porsche to Save Kitten Stuck in Engine

This tweet came from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Thursday night after one of their firefighters helped rescue a kitten that was trapped inside the engine of a 2016 Porsche Cayenne. 

Fire officials say the kitten became trapped inside the engine block of the car. The owner of the Porsche, David Burch, heard a cat meow and originally thought the animal was outside the vehicle. 

However, when he kept hearing the noise, he pulled over, popped his hood, and called 911. 

The crew removed dozens of bolts, panels and pieces around the twin turbo engine. After nearly an hour of dismantling, they pulled out the kitten.

Now, the kitten has found a new home, with one of the fire fighter rescuers on scene!

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