Autistic Man's Attorney Speaks Out Regarding Police-Involved Caretaker Shooting

The attorney for an autistic man who saw his unarmed caretaker shot by a North Miami Police Officer last year is speaking out.  

Matthew Dietz says he's pleased officer Jonathan Aledda has been arrested, and it shows "the state cares."  

Aledda was charged Wednesday for attempted manslaughter in the third degree, along with first-degree misdemeanor culpable negligence for the shooting of behavioral therapist Charles Kinsey in July.  

Police had said they were responding to a report of a possibly suicidal man walking around with a gun.

Kinsey was lying on his back with his hands in the air at the time of the shooting — pleading with officers that he was simply trying to help the autistic man. Kinsey survived the injury and is suing the officer.

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