Final "Cocaine Cowboy" In Custody After 26 Years on the Run

Gustavo Falcon, brother of one of Miami's most notorious 1980s drug traffickers Augosto "Willie" Falcon, is now in jail after being on the run for more than a quarter of a century. 

Gustavo Falcon was arrested and booked into a Florida jail Wednesday night. Authorities originally discovered his whereabouts in March, after discovering he had been using a fraudulent Florida driver's license under an alias since 1997.

He was indicted in 1991 as one of the notorious "cocaine cowboys" for allegedly helping his brother, drug kingpin Willie Falcon, smuggle more than $2-billion worth of cocaine into the country.

Authorities initially believed that he fled to either Cuba or South America, until they discovered the fake driver's license that led them to Orlando.

Falcon will face a court hearing Thursday. He is the last of the cocaine cowboys to be in custody. 

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