UCF Professor Chastised For Using "Vulgar Language" Toward Student's Art

An art professor from the University of Central Florida is being reprimanded after a student accused him of using vulgar language when critiquing her art project. 

Reports say that student collectively filed an anonymous ethics complaint last October after professor Walter Gaudnek's advanced painting class. Allegedly, his critiques were also advanced

According to an anonymous student review, "He is often offensive in his discourse with females and never gives any worthwhile feedback."

Investigative documents released this week show Gaudnek denied making inappropriate comments and told school officials he has the academic freedom to say what he wants in class. 

School officials say that doesn't extend to "using offensive language" to evaluate a student's work.

School officials sent a letter rebuking his language and reminding him to be respectful toward students or face discipline. Gaudnek agreed to write a warning on the class syllabus about the language he uses when teaching pop art, Dadaism and Italian Futurism.

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