Reps. Prepared To Override Rules For Supreme Court Nomination

Democrats threatened to block Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, and that they did. Dems. on Thursday followed through with filibustering Gorsuch, voting 44 in-favor votes (a minimum of 41 were needed to follow through) of maintaining the filibuster. 

Now, Republicans would pretty much have to change the rules to solidify Gorsuch's confirmation into the Supreme Court, but that won't stop them! 

Republicans have been signaling for weeks that they are prepared to take the extreme measure of blowing up Senate rules so it only takes 51 votes, instead of 60, to move forward with Trump's nominee. 

There are 52 Republicans, which means they can bypass Democrats and confirm Gorsuch all on their own.

Nobody likes the idea of changing the rules, but Reps. are determined to get Gorsuch through. Even GOP senators who said changing the rules will harm the Senate and the courts are gearing up to support the change. 

Democrats say that they are trying to block Gorsuch on principle. While they haven’t said he is unqualified, they have said he is too ideological, siding with big money interests over regular people.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says the answer is not to change the rules, but to come up with a nominee that at least eight Democrats could support.

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