Plastic Surgery Patient Runs From Clinic, Runs Officers Over With Car

South Miami police officers’ body cameras show a woman hitting into two officers with her car as she ignored their orders to stop last week.

Authorities allegedly responded to ResultsMD Plastic Surgery on March 28, after employees became suspicious about Paula Johnson’s surgery payment plans.

That’s when Johnson, 28, made a run for it, police said. According to a report by WSVN News, Johnson exited the building wearing only a paper gown, and hopped a railing to where her car was parked.

“Let me see your hands!” an officer is heard saying via video captured by a body cam. But she reversed her car and began driving regardless, bumping two officers in her path.

Police say Johnson tried to pay for the surgery under someone else’s identity.

Employees at ResultsMD recognized Johnson from a fraud case that cost the clinic $12,000 two years ago.

Johnson surrendered to police Monday. She faces multiple charges and is being held on $21,000 bond.

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