President Donald Trump: Historically LOW Approval Ratings Two Months Into the Job

In Gallup's latest "Trump Job Approval" poll, released Friday, disapproval has risen to 57 percent, and approval ratings have dropped below 40.  

Sure, those numbers are comparable to those seen by his predecessors. What's different, however, is the timing of the numbers drop. 

Donald Trump, barely two full months into his presidency, has faced a number of setbacks and controversies (most notably the failed American Health Care Act, or Obamacare repeal). However, his administration has yet to fight a recession or international crisis. 

It took former presidents, from the Ronald Reagan-era through Barack Obama, far more than a year to see disapproval numbers as high. 

Take, for instance, the comparison of the three former presidents', above (against Donald Trump), approval ratings during their first month of presidency. Obama, Bush, and Reagan all display approval ratings over 50 percent throughout days 16-27 in the Oval Office. 

Trump, however, by day 23, had already hit a low of 41 percent. 

Bill Clinton entered his third month in office with a 52 percent approval rating. By the time he slipped to 39 percent, he’d faced a sexual harassment lawsuit and signed several controversial bills. 

President George H.W. Bush hit a low point at 29 percent in August 1992. But he very quickly recovered up to 56 percent approval in his last month as president in 93.

With these notable comebacks, there IS historical evidence for a possible recovery. Still, now that more controversy is being tacked on to Trump's presidency — with the Russian investigations — we will just have to follow where this downward spiral is headed.

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