Bernie on Trump's Health Care Revelation: "LOL"

Hours after President Donald Trump claimed "nobody knew health care could be so complicated", Sen. Bernie Sanders described health care as being "very, very complicated".

In an interview with Anderson Cooper Monday, Sanders laughed and shook his head (see 0:44 in the video below) over the remark and delved into the complexity of the issue by outlining his involvement with it on the legislative side ― and the amount of time it took to pass the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

President Trump met with health insurance executives to discuss recent efforts to repeal and replace the ACA, only now realizing that health care is a complex subject.

Tuesday morning, President Trump reiterated his discovery about the issue on Fox and Friends, saying:

“You know, health care is a very complex subject... If you do this, it affects nine different things. If you do that, it affects 15 different things.”

But he also claims to have a terrific replacement in the works. A new approach to health care is expected to be one of the major topics discussed at the first address to a joint session of Congress. NewsRadio 610 WIOD will broadcast the address live, at 9 p.m. EST Tuesday night. Trump says his new plan will be something that's really respected.

When asked by Anderson Cooper about Trump’s presidency so far, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he was “stunned, really, every day".

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