Miami Film 'Moonlight' Takes Home Top Honor At Oscars

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ The coming-of-age drama ``Moonlight'' is the winner of the best picture Academy Award.

The film won after the end of the awards ceremony was plunged into chaos when ``La La Land'' was mistakenly announced as the best picture winner.

Presenter Warren Beatty says he paused so long before the name was read because the envelope read Emma Stone, ``La La Land.'' Actress Faye Dunaway read the name ``La La Land'' after chiding Beatty for taking so long to read the winner.

The film tells the story of a boy's journey to adulthood through his rough upbringing in Miami.

The film stars Naomi Harris as the boy's drug-addicted mother, and Mahershala Ali as a drug dealer-turned mentor for the boy.

``Moonlight'' has provided some of the stiffest competition during Hollywood's awards season for the musical ``La La Land,'' which was nominated for a history-tying 14 Academy Awards.

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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