FL Speaker to Pitch "CorocranCare" To Washington

With the uncertain fate of "Obamacare" looming closer and closer, Florida legislators look to resurrect a controversial overhaul of Florida’s health care system, nicknamed “CorcoranCare.”

Named after Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, the proposal first came to be four years ago, and would change the way Florida’s health care is delivered.

Corcoran has the vision of creating a private market system for prepaid healthcare plans and to convert medicaid into a voucher program. He believes, "give the patients the money and allow a free market to create itself around them, and for people to compete for those dollars... we'd be providing them for far better access, and if we build it they will come".

The proposal would create a private prepaid plan for all patients to see primary-care doctors and would redirect Medicaid money to help subsidize private health insurance for poor people.

Republicans in Congress say they plan to change Medicaid and scrap Obamacare, officially known as the Affordable Care Act, throughout the course of the next year.

"What we have right now is a move towards 100% socialized medicine, and everyone will lose with that outcome,"says Corcoran. "The entire thing that we've been talking about for the past four years is a system and that free market system will give people more affordable, greater access, and better outcomes than any other system."

In agreement, North Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz says this is one of those issues where the feds should back off. "I am certain that the very competent people here, in the state of Florida, in the legislature, in the Governor's mansion, are capable of executing a Medicaid program that does a lot better for our constituents who are truly vulnerable and in need." Gaetz says that when Washington gets involved, everything seems to get screwed up.

Speaker Corcoran is in Washington this week to pitch his health care plan. That can't happen unless Congress agrees to give state's more flexibility in the way they spend Medicaid money, so Speaker Corcoran is trying to round up support for his alternative to ObamaCare.

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