Traffic Camera Helps Convict Miami Murderer

You may often find those red-light traffic cameras to be rather pesky. However, this time around, one of the traffic cameras in Miami-Dade county helped convict a man of murder. 

Marcelyn Mathieu was convicted and sentenced this week to 35 years of prison for the murder of a man in Miami Gardens in 2011. 

At trial, prosecutors played a reel of red-light camera footage that showed a Pontiac being driven by Mathieu chasing after a Jeep driven by the victim, Evani Galvez. Moments later, the camera caught the Pontiac coming up on the side of the Jeep. Mathieu then leaned out of the passenger-side window, opened fire, and fatally struck Galvez (whose Jeep then crashed). 

Red-light traffic cameras are most commonly used to capture footage of vehicles running red lights. In the case of this care chase-turned-murder, Galvez did not actually run the red light, but the camera was running continuously to ultimately capture those last moments. 

Authorities found Galvez shot to death inside of his car. The footage was used during the trial to help convict Marcelyn Mathieu.

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