Rubio Dodges Protester, Town Hall Meetings

Senator Marco Rubio spent the first half of this week across seas, most likely taking a tour of Germany and France. Fine details of the trip are few and far between, but one thing's for certain — the Senator used the trip as an excuse to boot out of a citizen-organized town hall meeting in Tampa

And although Rubio landed back down in Florida yesterday morning, he managed to skip a second town hall meeting in Miami for no good reason.

And, just to make whatever his excuse may be even worse, Rubio was caught running from a protester who questioned his absenteeism.  

The Senator was visiting the Jackson Memorial Hospital when he was confronted by a man. Check out the video below to see just how the encounter was handled: 

And while others may not have known that Rubio returned safely to Florida, it looks like the news that the Senator is home-sweet-home is no longer a secret. 

When Rubio did not show up to the meeting in Miami Thursday night, his seat was filled by what many may think is more useful: an empty suit jacket that said and did nothing all night. 

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