Legislature Investigating Miami Gardens Social Media Suicide

A committee in the Florida Legislature is investigating the Facebook suicide of a Miami Gardens teen.  

The House Subcommittee on Children, Family and Seniors convened a meeting yesterday with DCF Secretary Mike Carroll, which included questions regarding the last month's suicide of 14-year-old Nakia Venant, who streamed live video as she took her own life.  

"To have hundreds of folks watch and to have nobody but one friend try and contact anybody to intercede, that’s sad," said Carroll. "It is truly sad when a 14-year-old feels as if they'd be better off dead than alive, under any circumstances."

The head of the DCF offered few answers for state lawmakers as the girl's death remains under investigation by the agency.  Carroll did say that Venant, who was in foster care for most of her life, was the subject of several assessments during her time in state custody.  

A critical incident report on the girl's death is expected next week with additional reports from behavioral experts to follow.

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