President Returns to Palm Beach And Mar-a-Lago Helipad OK'ed

Many people travel to South Florida for President's Day weekend. This year, that will include the President himself.

President Trump is returning to Palm Beach for a third-consecutive weekend.  After a stop at a Boeing plant in South Carolina to mark the first 787 Dreamliner to be completed there, Air Force One is set to land at Palm Beach International Airport today and Trump will spend the weekend at Mar-a-Lago until Monday. 

The visit to the "winter White House" will put into effect tight land, air and sea restrictions in and around the President's Palm Beach estate this weekend, which has caused issues for some local businesses but County officials think that the visits will net a long-term benefit for the area.

One of the major issues associated with the President's visits are the security protocols and road closures as he makes his way between his estate on Palm Beach and the airport on the main land. However, the President will soon be able to take a helicopter to and from after approval for construction of a helipad.  

The Palm Beach Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday approved a months-long request from Trump to build a 62-foot landing pad on the property.  The approval comes a month after the Palm Beach Town Council voted to lift its ordinance banning aircraft operation in the town limits.

The temporary exception is only for Marine One while Trump is in office but marks an interesting turn for the Commander in Chief, who had previous legal battles with Palm Beach over noise issues because his estate was in line with the flight path for the airports main runways.

(Photo credit: Don Emmert)

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