Marlins Owner Could Be Ambassador But That Would Nix Team Sale

As he works out the details regarding the potential sale of his franchise, Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is being considered for an ambassadorship by President Trump.  

The controversial owner who made millions as an art dealer before getting involved with baseball is a top pick to become U.S. ambassador to France.  His nomination to the post is backed by White House Chief of Staff and Miami Law alumnus Reince Priebus, although there are reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson wanted the opportunity to approve candidates for ambassadorships. 

The Marlins have not returned requests for comment regarding Loria's potential post.

Meanwhile, the family of President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, confirmed reports they are considering buying the Marlins from Loria.  The Kushners have a "handshake" $1.6 billion deal to buy the team. If the transaction were to go through, it would mark a ten-fold profit for Loria, after his initial $158 million purchase of the team in 2003.  

The deal is being negotiated by Jared's younger brother Joshua, according to multiple reports.  The Kushners issued a statement yesterday acknowledging the deal, but said if Loria does indeed become the French ambassador, the purchase would not be pursued.

Major League Baseball has not commented on the potential sale of the Marlins other than to say that nothing official has come through the Commissioner's office.

(Photo credit: Rob Foldy)

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