White House Addresses Rumors the President Discussed Intelligence on Mar-a-Lago Patio

President Donald Trump was pictured on a patio at Mar-a-Lago going over information with the Prime Minister of Japan.  This happened around the time, news broke of North Korea launching a missile in the direction of Japan, raising questions the President was discussing highly sensitive information out in the open at his private club.

At a press briefing Tuesday White House Spokesman, Sean Spicer, addressed the rumors.

"Apparently there was a photo taken which everyone jumped to nefarious conclusions about what may or may not be discussed.  Their was simply a discussion about press logistics and after the dinner the president went back into the SCIF to get a further update from his team," said Spicer.

A SCIF is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility and Spicer says the President's private club has one and uses it for security briefings.

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