The Firm's community association lawyers represent industry leaders who focus their practice on working with condominium, homeowners and cooperative associations along with the wide range of issues presented on a day to day basis. This includes collection of delinquent accounts; enforcement and interpretation of the association's governing documents, pursuit of construction defect and warranty claims; and negotiation and drafting of a wide range of contracts. The Firm is proud of its proprietary collections software that is used to provide our association clients "on-line" and up to date status reports through password protected web services..
Our Firm's cooperative, condominium and homeowners association clients represent a diverse group of large high-rise towers, golf and country club communities, expansive homeowner associations and low-rise townhome and condominium associations and the developers who create them.

Association Services
The Firm's community association lawyers provide a wide range of services that are tailored specifically for condominium, cooperative and homeowners associations. These services include, to name only a few:

- Interpretation and Enforcement of Association Governing Documents
- Preparation of Amendments to Association Governing Documents
- Applicability of Division of Condominium Regulations and State Law to the Operations of the Association
- Legal Counsel on all Day-To-Day Operational Decisions of the Association
- Collection and Enforcement of Association Assessments
- Lien and Foreclosure of Past Due Assessments
- Drafting and Negotiation of Service Provider and Vendor Contracts
- Preparation of Meeting Packages for Annual and Other Meetings
- Attendance at, and Legal Counsel Regarding, Elections of Directors
- Legal Counsel to Ad-Hoc Owners’ Committees Prior to Turnover
- Preparation for and Attendance at Association Turnover Meetings
- Negotiation and Litigation of Construction Defect Claims
- Pursuit of Statutory and Other Construction Warranty Claims
- Negotiation and Litigation on a variety of other issues affecting the Association
- Review and Negotiation of Loan/Line of Credit Documents
- Drafting and Negotiation of Bulk Service Contracts for Cable and Internet