Fo shizzle my senatizzle!

Senator Marco Rubio is not happy with Snoop Dogg.  The Florida Republican tells TMZ the rapper should not have made a video showing him putting a toy gun to the head of a clown that looks a lot like President Trump.

The Miami native, whose love of rap music is well-known, pointed out that U.S. presidents have been assassinated in the past and says Snoop's "Lavender" video sends a dangerous message.

Rubio may not agree with the President on many things, dating back to their heated exchanges in the Republican primaries leading up to the 2016 election, but he says if the wrong person sees the video, they could get the wrong idea and urged Snoop to consider that when making videos.

Another former fierce rival of Trump also weighed in on the video.

"I think it really is in poor taste to be making fun of murdering someone, in particular assassinating the President," said Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The President thinks this is another example of the double-standard that exists with artists, performers and other celebrities speaking out or depicting him in a way that would have never been tolerated for his predecessor:

(Photo credit: Paul Morigi)