Say what you want about President Trump, the guy is following through on what he said he would do... And he is saving the country a lot of money along the way. 

Over the first two months of his Presidency, the Treasury's tracker of the daily national debt burden shows that Trump has brought the deficit down over $101 billion from the $19,947,504,515,212.40 it stood at on Inauguration Day.

By comparison, President Obama had added more than $400 billion to the nation's tab in his first two months on the way to more than $1.4 trillion in his first year alone, thanks in large part to the stimulus. Over his eight years, big spending Barack doubled the country's debt.

This follows up the success Trump saw during his first month in office, which you may not have heard about on the nightly news:

While the new President has some expensive ideas of his own, eventually people will grade his policies based on how they impact everyone's own pockets, then voice their approval or lack thereof at the next big midterm election in 2018.

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(Photo credit: Timothy A. Clary)