A marketing company in Connecticut has job applicants take a "snowflake test" to evaluate the potential employees and "weed out entitled liberal Millennials" from their candidate pool.

Silent Partner Marketing's survey asks questions including: What does America mean to you? How do you feel about guns? What does "privilege" mean to you? When was the last time you cried and why?

CEO Kyle Reyes said in a Fox News Channel interview that the goal of the test is to find employees who best fit with the culture of the company and the clients they represent, and who don't feel entitled or expect things to be handed to them. 

The boss explains that someone who is not proud to be an American would be automatically disqualified.

As for asking about when someone last cried, Reyes said he's not against having emotional people work at the company, as long as they don't need a "safe space" at the office.

According to HeatStreet.com, the test also asks potential employees about their attitude towards the police. The CEO says Silent Partner Marketing openly supports the police and has pledged to donate up to $500,000 in services to first responders and police.

“We work very, very closely with a lot of police departments and so you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect,” Reyes said.

Think this is just one rogue company who is going against the grain of being more concerned with diversity quotas than finding qualified applicants? Think again... Reyes says many other companies have approached him, offering “significant” amounts of money to design a similar test for them.

(Photo credit: Drew Angerer)