Looks like bigwigs at CNN did not get the message in November.

If the election results were not indicative enough that most of the country is not interested in the overt bias from the "Clinton News Network," one would think that their continued ratings slide (now behind MSNBC!) would help them wake up. But no, the circus continues.

In case you missed it--and judging by CNN's recent audience metrics, you probably did--one of the network's major personalities went on a profanity-laced tirade when discussing President Trump over the weekend.

Speaking to fellow CNN host, and noted clown, Don Lemon on CNN Tonight, Fareed Zakaria could no longer contain himself when asked about the President's claims of wire-tapping at Trump Tower (WARNING: Clip includes language that Mommy may not approve of)

This is not the first time Zakaria has aired an unfiltered view of the President. He has also had several issues with plagiarism in the past.

Maybe he and his co-workers are just jealous that BSing everyone isn't translating into success for CNN.

(Photo credit: Angela Weiss/WFP/Getty)