What's a 'Bloomdaddy'? David "Bloomdaddy" Blomquist's nickname ='s 1/2 of his last name + 1/2 of his #1 priority life.

Bloomdaddy is a 45-year-old DWM who still hangs out with his ex-wife Karin. In fact, you can hear her on his show weekly during the "The Ex-Files".

Karin & David have three boys Tyler (18), Kade (16), and Braylen (10). He calls his team, a baseball family and their summers are consumed with being on a baseball field. As for the pro's, It's Red Sox Nation baby!!!!

Bloomdaddy is a Kent State graduate and worked in television as a sportscaster, news anchor and feature reporter for nearly 15 years before becoming a radio host.

His hobbies: Hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, and the great outdoors.

Inspiration: Veterans and our active military.

Words to live by: It's not how hard we hit.....it's how many times we can take a hit and keep moving forward.

Favorite Movie-4 way tie: The Shawshank Redemption, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Armegeddon and Rocky (Stallone is the freakin man)

Favorite Food: Anything out of the garden....dirt and all

Sum Bloomdaddy Up: I'm just a regular guy with a unique job