Last week, President Donald Trump sent an explosive tweet accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower during the most recent presidential election. 

In fact, he didn't exactly "accuse" Obama as much as he downright made the allegation sound like a fact:

The prez was very casual in this pretty massive attack. 

We all know that one of the biggest criticisms Trump has been facing as our country's leader is his lack of experience as an elected official and/or politician. However, now that he is well into his third month in office, should there be repercussions for his abrasive claims? Or is this something we should just sweep under the rug?

Following the House Intelligence Committee's declaration that there is no evidence of a wrietapping, Trump broke his silence on the matter in an interview with Tucker Carlson:  

Trump says he sent the accusatory tweet out without proof because he has been "reading things." He even contradicts himself by saying he tweeted about the wiretapping "because the New York Times wrote about it... not that I respect the New York Times, I call it the failing New York Times". So why would he "retweet" (so to speak) a claim made by an outlet that he doesn't respect? Is that not putting himself on the same pedestal?

There are many questions we could ask regarding this whole debacle, however, one thing we don't want to skip over – Does President Donald Trump now owe Barack Obama an apology? Because of the lack of evidence, many, like Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro have been calling on him to say sorry

In the interview with Carlson, Trump does not admit defeat regarding the matter. Instead, he goes on about how wiretapping can mean a lot more than just wiretapping, because he put those words in quotes in his tweets. He also said that he believes we "are going to find some very interesting things coming to the forefront over the next two weeks."

It's pretty evident that Mr. Trump has no intentions of apologizing to his predecessor, nor does he seem to have any intentions of backing down from his claim or owning up to his wrongdoing. 

While we sit patiently waiting for these interesting things to come to the forefront (or at least for Trump's next Twitter attack), do you think that Mr. President should apologize to Barack Obama for the lavish claims? Let us know that you think.