John Schindler joins Fernand to discuss his concerns regarding President Trump’s intimate connections to Russia. He insists that an independent government investigation regarding Trump’s ties to Russia needs to happen. John talks about what Republican Congress members must do better to oppose Trump’s relationship with Russia, as well as analyzes the peculiar and unprecedented influence that Steve Bannon has in the White House. John takes questions from callers and needless to say; he tells it like it is!

Schindler knows that this, and basically anything regarding Trump these days, is a huge story. He started by telling us that if the full truth comes out regarding Trump's campaign's ties to Russia, then he very well sees it likely that members of the Trump Administration would end up in jail (with perhaps the president himself joining them).

We are currently in a situation where Donald Trump, the president of our country, has ties to a very hostile foreign power, Schindler says. "What the public doesn't really know is what ARE Trump's ties to Russia, to Putin, to the Kremlin, and have far back do they go? What is this about?"

We don't know that, and Schindler understands that. However, he says that we DO know that there are ties, and that is essentially the bottom line. 

There have been seven confirmed connections between Russia and Trump's inner circle just last year. "It would be nice to know what they were talking about" Schindler notes. 

But we pushed back a little. Where is the hard evidence? Are these just speculations? Innuendo? What are the concrete facts. Schindler was quick to fire back at us. 

Schindler on Steve Bannon: 

"He's smart... but don't leave the decision-making up to him"

"Steve Bannon is an extremely smart man," Schindler says. But him being counselor to the president is a very tricky predicament. What is his role and involvement with Russia? We're not 100 percent certain. 

Sure, Bannon is a smart guy, but he has no experience in government; he doesn't understand how the government works. With decision processing that may fall on the arms of Steve Bannon, there's great possibility of the White House facing a huge crisis.

Schindler on Russia: 

"Russia is NOT our friend"

"Russia's not our friend. They have no respect for rules or democratic law. They don't have to be someone we go to war with, but Russia does not have our best interest at heart." This is why the every-day American should care.

Schindler on allegations of 'Trump dying in jail':

"The president has ties to a very hostile foreign power"

There is so much about Trump's ties to the Russian community that the public doesn't know. If the public DID know everything, there's a very good chance that members of the Trump Administration may go to jail (perhaps with the president himself, too).