UPDATE 8/24 2 PM

Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino announces he has accepted a position within the Miami Dolphins organization. Marino will be a special adviser to owner Stephen Ross and CEO Tom Garfinkel, although his specific role is undetermined.

“Dan is and will always be an important part of the Miami Dolphins and we are excited to get him involved in a more formal way,” Ross said in a statement. “Dan is unquestionably one of the greatest players in NFL history and his enthusiasm and passion for the Dolphins is inspiring to everyone here."

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve in this role. I have always considered myself a Dolphin for life and I look forward to supporting the organization anyway I can,” Marino added. “Stephen Ross is a passionate guy who is committed to building a first-class, winning organization.  I'm excited about the future of the team and where the organization is headed.”


The Miami Dolphins have spent months with Dan Marino talking about a potential role for him within the organization, and it is being reported he's finally said yes.

According to NBC6, Marino will accept a position as owner Steve Ross' and CEO Tom Garfinkel's special adviser. The news station claims The Dolphins and Hall of Fame Quarterback will make the announcement this week.

The Dolphins organization won't confirm or deny reports of the position. In 2004 Marino returned to the Dolphins as Senior Vice President of Football Operations, but he resigned three weeks later and returned to his television duties. After 11 seasons, Marino's contract was not renewed this pas year. Marino openly talked about returning to the Dolphins front office in this Showtime Sports interview last year:   

Photo Credit: Getty Images