UPDATE 5/7 5:35pm

NFL Star Colin Kaepernick reacting to those 911 calls being released this week in connection to an incident in Miami last month involving him and another woman.

Kaeprnick tweeting today "he's glad the truth is getting out" and that "info that came out earlier was totally wrong."

The 911 calls were made by a friend of Kaepernick and a security guard at the Viceroy complaining about a naked woman who was uncooperative after being told to leave.

Check out his full tweet below.

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UPDATE 5/7 4:00am

Legal experts are weighing in on the 911 calls made the night of an incident involving 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and a woman in Miami.

A security guard at the Viceroy and an NFL friend of Kaepernick each called police, saying the woman was naked in the room and refused to leave.

WIOD Legal Analyst Mark Eiglarsh says this is a boost for Kaepernick's defense.

"It would appear if you believe what the people are saying that he wasn't in the room at all at the time," says Eiglarsh, "and that the alleged woman placed herself in this predicament."

The woman claims she woke up in the hospital with no memory of what happened...but no DNA evidence has been reported in this case.

"DNA evidence is not required to proceed in a sexual assault case," adds Eiglarsh, "but what is required is the perpetrator to be in the room, and if you believe the 911 call, Kaepernick wasn't even in the room."

Listen to the full 911 calls below.



Miami cops are releasing the 911 calls made from the night of an incident at the Viceroy Hotel involving a woman and San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaeprnick.

The calls were made last month after Kaepernick and two friends were partying in a room with another woman.

That's when things got a little too wild, and a friend of Kaepernick's had to call the cops.

Here is the raw audio from the 9-1-1 calls that night.

The investigation is ongoing, but there's been no reports of any DNA evidence and no charges have been filed. 

(Photo: Ronald Martinez / 2013 Getty Images)