Keep your identity and credit cards safe while traveling this summer. says remember the three Rs - remove, record and recover.

     First, remove any credit cards you don't plan to use from your wallet. And you should never carry your Social Security card or birth certificate with you. 

     Record...make copies of the front and back of each credit card you're taking and write down phone numbers for your bankcard and credit card issuers.

     Then recover.  Call Police and your bank immediately.  Contact local police so that you have a paper trail that can protect you against any fraudulent charges.     Keep the police report handy because your bank and card issuers may want a copy.

     Travelers should also contact their bank before leaving so they don’t set off their bank’s fraud alert system. Four in 10 frequent credit card users have had a purchase flagged or blocked, usually incorrectly.

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Photo: Getty/Denis Charlet