Miami-Dade residents want to keep their libraries off the budget chopping block.

That's the gist of a new survey being conducted by a pro-library group that says the Mayor Carlos Gimenez' proposed budget includes too many deep cuts to the system.

Pro library group "Friends of the Miami-Dade Library" revealing the results of a two-week survey of more than 5,000 likely county voters and says 80% oppose significant cuts to the library budget.

John Quick with "Friends of the Miami-Dade Library" says the proposed $45-million dollar budget is seven-million less than this year.

Quick says adjusting the millage rates for library districts increases the budget for libraries without necessarily raising property taxes.

No libraries would be closed under the proposed budget, but they'll operate with reduced staff and more part-time workers.

To read more on the group's effort to save county libraries, click here.

(Photo: Justin Sullivan / 2011 Getty Images)