There could be a link between the legalization of medical marijuana and reducing the amount of prescription drug deaths.

A new study says the number of deaths from prescription drug overdoses is 25% lower in states that have legalized medical pot. 

Senior Author Doctor Colleen Barry of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says it suggests there is an unintended benefit.

"This is a big deal because prescription drug overdose deaths are really a national public health crisis at this point," says Barry.

But there are still questions about whether there is a definite link established between the two.

"We really need to know a lot more about who could benefit most from use of medical marijuana," adds Barry, "How medical marijuana interacts with other prescription medications."

The data covers the period from 1999 to 2010. 

During this time, California, Oregon and Washington had legalized medical pot. Ten other states have followed suit since then.

Florida could be next as voters get set to head to the polls in November to vote on amendment two which looks to legalize medical pot.

(Photo: David McNew / 2012 Getty Images)