South Florida teachers and principals are learning the new Florida Standards ahead of the start of school in August.


The Common Core Standards-based system is designed to provide more individual attention from teachers for students as well as for teachers to get more insight into student learning.


The Florida Standards contain some minor changes from the national Common Core Standards, but, because they're not the same, the state had to design its own assessment test for accountability.


That test has been field tested on students in Utah, not on students in Florida.


And, educators are taking issue with that and have asked the Florida Department of Education to delay the implementation of the accountability measure for at least a year.


Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said during a training session with teachers and principals that the Florida Standards are good but the way the State of Florida has gone about the implementation of the new system is not.


Carvalho said that teachers need time to learn the new standards and to prepare their students for success and it is for that reason that the test should be delayed.