Kill Hamas, Isis and all Islamic Nazi's...

That's the theme of a protest outside the UN today by Shalom International, based in Miami Beach.

President of Shalom International Bob Kunst says America's at war, but doesn't get it.   The Rally for Israel calls for a fight against terrorism and what the group labels U.N. war criminals who give missiles to Hamas.

Kunst says Jewish voters elected President Obama and he's stabbed them in the back, by refusing to sell Israel missiles to defend itself and by giving 11 billion dollars worth of weapons to Qatar that he says will go to Hamas.

The group is calling for the destruction of Hamas, Isis, Islamic Jihad, The Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, Boco Haram, Al Quaeda, Hezbollah and other terror groups. Kunst saying,"It's them or us." 

Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla / 2014 Getty Images