Thousands of American service members and veterans are remembering Robin Williams for his USO shows, and the connection he made personally with the troops.

He's even been called the "Bob Hope" of the generation.

Over the course of a decade, Williams went on USO tours to 13 countries including Iraq and Afghanistan, performing for  100,000 troops.

USO Senior Vice President John Hanson says after shows, Williams would visit troops around the bases who were unable to come to his shows.

Williams would also personally talk with soldiers about their struggles with addiction.

He often opened his routines using the trademark greeting he used as Adrian Cronauer in Good morning Vietnam, but changed it to match the location, including Good Morning Baghdad.

His first USO tour was in 2002, traveling to the Middle East and Europe.

Williams was invited to the annual USO Gala in Washington DC in 2008.  Even though he wasn't scheduled to speak, he took the stage and did a few minutes of stand-up before changing the tone and speaking passionately about the need to support the troops.

Hanson says William's last USO tour was in 2010 because family needs and a busy performing schedule made it impossible for him to get away again.

Hanson says soldiers and veterans are remembering Robin Williams on the USO Facebook page.

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 Photo credit: USO