Effective today another roadway goes cashless as the Sawgrass Expressway begins the process of taking out all the cash toll plazas.

Like the Golden Glades takedown, the process will last a few weeks along the Sawgrass, but within a month, or less, all the toll plazas should be history, as will the on/off toll booths.  In the meantime, Turnpike officials remind everyone to use only the Sun Pass lanes.

If you don't have the Sun Pass Mini or portable transponder, or a prepaid Toll-By-Plate account you will be billed by the Toll-By-Plate method.  That billing costs an additional $2.50 per month (not per toll) for administrative costs.

For more information about toll rates, toll routes, planned changeovers in the near future and turnpike information in general go to Florida Turnpike's website.