MIAMI (AP) _ A toxicology report shows the woman fatally shot in Miami's Facebook killing wasn't on hallucinogenic drugs.


The news is a blow to a defense strategy that intended to show 26-year-old Jennifer Alfonso was the aggressor in the incident last August in South Miami. The attorneys for her 32-year-old husband Derek Medina had asked prosecutors in January to test Alfonso's body for the presence of ``bath salts.''




Medina is accused of killing his wife and posting a picture of her body on Facebook.




The Miami-Dade Medical Examiner's initial toxicology showed no behavior-altering narcotics in her system.




A defense attorney told the Herald they plan to have their own expert do an examination. Medina is claiming self-defense and faces first-degree murder charges during an Oct. 14 trial.

Joe Raedle / 2013 Getty Images