Members of the Group SPAN-Stop Prison Abuse Now will protest this morning outside the Offices of Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle. The peaceful rally is expected to highlight the treatment of the mentally ill in prison and abuse of prisoners.  The group wants answers in the case of Darren Rainey, a severely mentally ill man who was scalded to death at Dade Correctional Institution four years ago. The rally is being held four years to the day of Rainey’s death.


The group wants to call attention to the treatment of the mentally ill in prison.  Approximately 17% of the prison population are mentally ill.  George Mallinkrodt, former Prison Psychotherapist and founder of SPAN saysthat despite some improvement more needs to be done for the care and rehabilitation of the mentally ill in prison.  He advocates treatment modeled after a residential treatment facility and excluding the mentally ill from the general prison population.  Mallinnkrodt says, “these mentally ill prisoners will eventually be released into our communities and often they are worse off than when they went in to the correctional facility.”  



The rally will be held at 11am on the sidewalk in front of the 1351 NW 13TH Avenue entrance to the State Attorney’s Office. 

Justin Sullivan Photo Credit