Rallies to support Israel happening today in South Florida and Washington D.C.

Organizers are angry that the U.S. has denied missile shipments to Israel.

 Shalom international President Bob Kunst says they've held  hundreds of rallies outside the White House in support of Israel since 1989.  Kunst says not only is the administration refusing to resupply Israel's defensive weapons, he is supporting Hamas and other terror groups.  He says the entire Middle East is on fire, and it's because President Obama either doesn't know what he's doing or is just plain evil.

   Kunst says they had 200 people turn out at the latest rally in Melbourne. They were joined by many Christians concerned about the deaths of Christians at the hands of Muslim Terror groups.

The South Florida rally's being held in Boca Raton at the 10th avenue entrance to F.A.U. on Glades road at 2PM.

They plan another demonstration at the United Nations building in New York on August 31st.

Photo credit:2014 Getty Images