This morning at 10:30 the Christian Family Coalition of Florida is gathering at the steps of the Miami-Dade Courthouse to send a message to the Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts.

Its members say Harvey Ruvin needs to formally announce he won't issue any marriage licenses to same-sex couples until after the appeals process on the marriage equality suit fully runs its course.

The Coalition's augment is that during an appeal, a judge's ruling on a law isn't enforcible.

Plus, the Executive Director says the lawsuit shouldn't even be valid because the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled gay marriage is a pubic policy matter that is left up to voters.

On Wednesday, Judge Sarah Zabel is set to hear the case filed by six South Florida same-sex couples.

They say Florida's ban on gay marriage is a violation of the Constitution.


(Photo: Justin Sullivan / 2008 Getty Images)