A prayer vigil for peace tonight in Fort Lauderdale.

People will gather at the new Mount Olive Baptist Church to pray for an end to mistrust between the Police and African-American youth.

Senior Pastor Dr. Marcus Davidson has invited local police officials and Chiefs for tonight's vigil and for future dialogues with the community.

Dr. Davidson says there is a disconnect between Police and young African males, and he hopes both sides will learn to better deal with one another.

Dr. Davidson says, "Just because you see me with my hat on backwards doesn't mean I'm a thug, or if you see me in my law enforcement gear, it doesn't mean I mean you harm." 

He says we have to move beyond where we are now because it won't get better, it'll only escalate to more Ferguson, Missouri situations.   He says even he's treated differently by Police officers depending on how he's dressed.

The prayer vigil will be from 6pm till 8pm at the new Mount Olive Baptist church at 400 NW 9th avenue in Fort Lauderdale.

Photo: Michael Brown funeral in Saint Louis.

Photo Credit: Pool / 2014 Getty Images