It may be two months late, but the Port Miami Tunnel is finally opening to the public today.

Drivers can use the tunnel beginning at 10 A-M Sunday.

This after the Fire Marshal's service OK'd the recent repairs that set the project back.

"All of those things needed to be coordinated and commissioned and synchronized. So that is all done now."

Tunnel Project Spokesperson Chris Hodgkins says drivers will immediately notice the impact.

"There's no tolls. It's both for cargo vehicles and passenger vehicles," adds Hodgkins, "This is the number one cruise passenger port in the United States and the world."

The tunnel was supposed to open in May but encountered problems with jet engine filtration turbines.

Today's opening comes ahead of an original deadline to open on Monday, August 4th.

"We beat our own internal deadline...we're very happy about that'" says Hodgkins, "And now today, we've got cars and trucks going in and out of that tunnel."

The delays costing the construction company upwards of $9-million in late fees.

(Photo: JIM WATSON / 2013 AFP)