UPDATE 8/15 9:07pm

Guilty on all counts. 

Jurors convicting Pedro Bravo of 1st degree murder in the death of Christian Aguilar.

Bravo facing seven counts, including murder, kidnapping, poisoning, and tampering with evidence.

Prosecutors say Bravo kidnapped, strangled, and then buried Aguilar's body in a jealous spat over an ex-girlfriend.

The state has already said it will not seek the death penalty.

Bravo was immediately sentenced to life in prison.


UPDATE 8/15 4:39pm

Jury deliberations begin in the trial of Pedro Bravo.

He's accused of murdering his former Doral Academy classmate in Gainesville.

Prosecutors say Bravo strangled Aguilar because he was dating Bravo's ex-girlfriend.

Bravo is charged with kidnapping, murder, and other charges.


UPDATE 8/15 9am

Closing arguments have begun in the murder trial of Pedro Bravo.


UPDATE 8/15 5:00am

Deliberations could begin as early as Friday in the murder trial of Pedro Bravo.

Closing arguments are set to get underway in Gainesville.

Bravo is accused of kidnapping, strangling, and burying his friend Christian Aguilar in a jealous spat over a girl.

Bravo taking the stand in his defense, admitting he did get into a fight with Aguilar before his disappearance, but he says Aguilar was alive that last time he ever saw him.

Bravo also testifying he bought a shovel to dig his own grave because he wanted to commit suicide.

If convicted Bravo faces life in prison. 


The man accused of killing a former Doral Academy classmate is taking the stand in his own defense.

Pedro Bravo is accused of strangling University of Florida student Christian Aguilar in a fight over an ex-girlfriend. 

The prosecution's star witness-a jailhouse snitch -claims Bravo confessed to him, admitting he planned to poison and slit Aguilar's throat in advance of dumpig his body in a shallow grave.

The snitch is getting time off his sentence for his testimony.

Bravo faces life in prison if convicted.

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