UPDATE 6/30 5:39pm

LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. (AP) _ A Florida wildlife sanctuary employee bitten by a cobra while cleaning a snake cage is out of the hospital.

Aneth McCarthy tells WPTV that she's looking forward to getting back to work at the privately run McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary in Loxahatchee. 

She says she thought she was going to die after she was bitten Thursday on the hand by a 3-foot-long spectacled cobra. She says she'll return to caring for the cobra when the swelling in her hand goes down. 

She says she still likes the cobra and she'll continue to clean its cage, though now she'll be more careful.

McCarthy's husband is the sanctuary's director. He says he's been bitten by snakes nearly a dozen times, but this was his wife's first snake bite.


A woman is in critical condition after being bitten on the hand by a 3-foot cobra at a wildlife sanctuary in Palm Beach. 


Wildlife officials say the woman -who is an employee at McCarthy's Wildlife Sanctuary in Loxahatchee-was cleaning a cage when it happened.


An antivenin team from Miami-Dade treated her before she was taken to the hospital.


She had a required permit to work with snakes at the privately run facility.