The Tampa teen who was caught on video being brutally beaten by what appears to be Israeli cops, and then was put on house arrest without facing charges, is speaking out in Washington, D.C.

Palestinian-American Tariq Khdeir has been meeting with congress members, state department and White House officials, and today will testify during a congressional briefing.

By being a vocal advocate here in the U.S., he hopes he'll help improve the conditions for his family in the Middle East and other Palestinians.

Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida's Chief Executive Director Hassan Shibly says after Khdeir returned to the U.S., Israelis raided his family's home and arrested dozens of them.

Shibly adds so far the officers who attacked the 15-year-old haven't been brought to justice, they want Congress to ensure a fair investigation is conducted.

With the U.S. sending billions of dollars to Israel, he feels our government needs to hold it accountable and ensure Americans receive due process.


(Photo Credit: Tim Boyles / 2014 Getty Images)