You'll start to see Miami Beach cops on guard at clubs again.

The city's new police chief has updated the off-duty security policy that will allow officers to work - once again - at late-night hot spots.

The new rules require officers to stay outside the club unless there's a situation requiring their help.

Their shifts can be no more than three hours at a time.

They must write a full report at the end of the night.

Plus, they can no longer eat or drink at the location they're guarding.

The police union's OK with the changes.

The president says it'll reduce 911 calls asking cops to respond to incidents.

The chief amended the policy after temporarily banning off-duty details at clubs.

This following a veteran sergeant's alleged drunken appearance back in July.

Sgt. Mike Muley remains on paid administrative leave.

An audit finds Miami Beach officers work up to 85,000 hours a year while off-duty.