You may not know it's Primary Day by showing up at local polling precincts.

Many are empty or only have a few people casting ballots in the Primary.

This comes as no surprise, turnout was predicted to be very low.

The most enticing issue on the ballot may be for the Democratic nod for Governor.

Charlie Crist tries to make history by becoming the first person in Florida to be a gubernatorial nominee as a Republican and a Democrat.

Crist is the favorite to win the primary for the chance to face Republican Gov. Rick Scott in November.

Former Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich is hoping for an upset. She's campaigned for governor for 28 months _ longer than Crist has been a Democrat.

But Crist is better known and has raised about $20 for every $1 Rich has raised and most political observers think he'll have an easy victory.

 Scott plans to tour the state on primary day, but he's already been focused on November.

Photo-Will Althoff